Posters and Digital presentations

Images from the poster session and below links to the posters and online digital artefacts...


Links to Digital Presentations:

Maryam and Herrah

Here's Hana's wonderful 'Reading' Zeega...

Nesim's Self-efficacy animation...

Sameera's artefact

Digital-Me Presentation Link - Farhat Nazir

Sarah’s digital me - so here goes! :-/

Greta’s zeega: creativity & learning:

Stefany’s zeega – making mistakes (9th Dec):

Meredith’s TimeLine:

Regina’s Pinterest:

Dom’s zeega:

Vanessa’s powtoon:

Katrina’s zeega:

Dan’s zeega:

A little bit of advice:

Here's Perry's zeega!


Can you email me your presentation if its not here please... THANKS and well done all!


These videos were made as part of the Peer Mentoring in Practice module 2014/15.

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