Unit 4 - Using specialist vocabulary - Takes words that are commonly used in formal English when writing about business-related subjects and gives you a chance to practise using them. It builds up your specialist vocabulary. You can practise using words that mean the same thing and those that mean the opposite as well as those that sound the same or similar but mean something different. It builds your knowledge about what words go together. You can also practise choosing the right grammatical form of the word and changing informal English into formal for an academic essay.


4.1Do I know words that mean the opposite?

4.2Do I know the meaning of specialist terms?

4.3Can I distinguish between words that sound the same?

4.4Do I know what words usually follow common verbs in formal English?

4.5Can I choose the appropriate vocabulary (formal or informal)

4.6Can I use the right grammatical form of the word in a sentence?

4.7Can I distinguish between words that are often confused?

4.8Can I use a different word that means the same?  


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