The Challenge

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Would you like to engage in real research and resource development in the area of study and academic skills?

We are using Falmouth University resources to seed a project designed to work with staff and students as they develop their abilities to study, learn and communicate actively and effectively.

The Falmouth iWrite resources were produced by first year Animation students in response to, and using, third year student interviews on their approaches to academic writing. We are challenging you to produce alternative resources of your own, using those same third year student interviews – and then to research another aspect of studying – reading, notemaking, managing time – for yourself. Once you have collected your own voices, we will want you to make a whole new set of resources on your new topic.

Can’t do it – I’m not a techie

We are not expecting you to produce perfect animations, cartoon strips or resources – that is not really the point. What we want is for you to investigate an aspect of what it takes to be a successful and engaged student. Here’s an example of the kind of simple animated resources that can be produced.

This one was developed by Stuart Johnson and Steve Rooney at the University of Leicester on ‘What it means to be a critical student’, using PowerPoint and Screenr.

If you have an iPad, Brushes is a simple and very effective animation programme. There’s also a YouTube guide to using this and other visual recording methods for the iPad here.
This is a very useful article on creating animations by adding motion paths to PowerPoint slides.

DoInk is a tool that allows you to reuse images and animate them. (Make sure all your images are copyright-free, of course!)

It’s possible to produce animations using very commonly available programmes. This is a YouTube video on making animations with Microsoft Paint and MovieMaker.